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Over 4 years working in internet marketing services and especially with Social Media, we are ready to answer any question you have 🙂

Yes! All the accounts on sale on our websites are produced by us, wether through an advanced process or the use of bots developed by us and not available to the public. We are not resellers, but we have many people reselling our accounts 🙂

If you are planning to buy accounts in bulk or if you want to resell them, sure. But in order to be eligible for a bulk discount, you need first to purchase smaller quantities and be satisfied. We do not offer bulk discounts on first sales.

Yes! All our accounts have 7 days guarantee for a free replacement. If you are unable to use the account, we will replace it for free. Fair policy applies, though. Please do not spam to death the accounts you purchased, have them suspended and then ask for a replace!

Yes, our accounts are 100% safe to use and possibly have the highest quality in the market, due to our unique creation methods and warming up. 

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